American Artisan
There is no substitute for the valuable craftsmanship, expertise, and attention to detail the touch of a seasoned artisan can add. Our Homecrest American Artisan brand reflects this sentiment and one look at the product proves it is not an exaggeration. The hardwood flooring comprised in this line has been fashioned by true woodworking artisans and the results are remarkable in both quality and appearance. Crafted in the Tennessee mountains, the superior multi-ply hardwood construction and American style in every plank is a testament to homegrown excellence. The colors and textures were chosen with design trends and originality in mind. A distinctive dual stain technique is used to create complex neutrals and color variations not found in typical hardwood flooring lines. With abundantly wide and long planks, an installed American Artisan floor offers a luxurious look to any home. Characteristics such as scrape marks and surface wire brushing have been created by hand to ensure every floor is as unique as the home it is installed in. Those looking for floors with elevated design appeal, reliable performance, and American-made quality will find what they seek with American Artisan hardwood flooring.