American Heirloom
Using hardwood as a home flooring material has been practiced for centuries, but not only because of its utility. There is something enduring about the complexity of authentic wood grain visuals that ties to our sense of tradition. Those who fill their homes with its natural elegance feel the draw of this decor as though it has been handed down for generations. Homecrest American Heirloom hardwood flooring indulges this connection by offering timeless wood visuals that feel as though they have already been in your home for years. Oak and hickory trees, grown and responsibly harvested in America, are selected for the sliced veneer visual layer offering a glimpse at the true characteristics of each species. We select only classic tones of stain, so the wood’s authentic characteristics remain the most notable visual feature. Like any true quality heirloom piece, these planks are built with pride to provide lasting beauty without any sacrifices to quality or performance. We believe homeowners who value the ageless natural splendor of wood will fall in love with the design and style of Homecrest American Heirloom flooring.

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