Oasis Water Resistant
Laminate Flooring
The ideal home is more than just a place to house belongings; it needs to be a place of respite that offers sanctuary from all that exists outside your four walls. When selecting the style for your home from the Oasis water-resistant laminate line, you will find the perfect fit to achieve your dream of creating a personal oasis. From light, airy tones to rich and warm shades, anyone can construct their ideal environment of tranquility to keep the busyness of everyday life at bay.  The beauty in each plank of Oasis flooring is showcased by the look and feel of real hardwood while still evoking a sense of relaxation and retreat. With its superior scratch resistant surface, exceptional water damage resistance, and simple care requirements, homeowners will have peace of mind knowing this flooring builds the foundation of a private getaway for years to come.