Ravine SPC
Waterproof Flooring
Homecrest Ravine SPC is constructed with a rigid core composed of stone for resilience, strength and durability over time. we drew inspiration from geographical ravines that share the same traits. The authentic beveled edges featured on each plank evoke comparisons to beautiful natural ravines around the world that we wanted to pay respects to. Wide 9″ to 9.25″ planks do a phenomenal job in showing off the stunning embossed in register texture that perfectly mimics the all-over wood grain visuals. To protect such beauty, Ravine comes with a urethane wear layer reinforced with ceramic bead for enhanced durability and resistance to wear. Our 100% waterproof SPC lines are built to remain stable even through extreme temperature swings due to their rocky cores that feature surface layers that are made to be tough under any circumstance. We are proud to carry SPC product lines like Homecrest Ridge, Canyon, Summit, and Ravine that feature unique visuals and are built to last, like the timeless natural monuments they are named for.