Ridge SPC
Waterproof Flooring
With a rigid core composed of stone for resilience, strength, and durability over time, we drew inspiration for our Homecrest Ridge SPC and Canyon SPC flooring brands from mountains and canyons that share the same traits. With names like “Olympus”, “Rainier” and “Whitney”, each SKU in Cascade Ridge shares its name with a mountain range in North America. The awesome lasting presence of the mountains and natural beauty of the landscapes provided the perfect comparison to our SPC lines. Similarly, with names like “Fremont”, ”Bryce” and “Genesee”, Canyon SPC SKU names draw inspiration from famous canyons in North America. This is a nod to the enhanced v-groove bevels on the edges of every piece. Our SPC lines are built to remain stable even through extreme temperature swings due to their rocky cores and feature surface layers that are made to be tough under any circumstance. We are proud to carry SPC product lines like Homecrest Ridge SPC and Canyon SPC that feature stunning unique visuals and are built to last, like the natural monuments they are named for.