What Is “SPC” flooring? Good Question!

SPC, Stone Polymer Composite, was introduced as an alternative to WPC flooring.  SPC has an extruded Calcium Carbonate core with fewer emulsifiers giving it additional density for greater impact resistance.  It also resists plank expansion and contraction in extreme temperature swings; this is due to the absence of the layer of Luxury Vinyl and dense core.  Just like WPC, it can float over most substrates and offers superior resistance to standard household spills and moisture.

Homecrest’s lines of SPC flooring are Ravine, Summit, Canyon, and Ridge and they live up to the expectations of durability in a category noted for toughness. Advancements in high-definition printing technology have allowed SPC flooring to integrate stunning wood grain into every plank. All Homecrest SPC product lines had attached IXPE cushion for sound deadening and comfort underfoot.  Between the three Homecrest SPC lines, there are 26 unique visuals comprised of a range of character marks and color shades. Each collection offers features and benefits unique to the product line.  Whether it is incredible value, enhanced bevels for added realism, or long planks up to 60”, you’re sure to find the perfect product to meet your flooring needs.

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