What Is “Water Resistant Laminate” flooring? 

Good Question!

Traditional laminate flooring is created by compressing wood fibers together to form a plank for a visual layer to be applied to. Originally, those wood fibers were sourced from waste-wood which made this type of flooring very affordable and therefore popular. The downside of this composition was that if moisture reached this compressed fiber core, it was quickly absorbed, and the plank was ruined. To combat this issue, the core of Homecrest Oasis is a mixture of wood fibers and resin resulting in a dramatic improvement in resisting water damage. This superior core composition has the added benefit of increasing dimensional stability which allows the 8mm Oasis to have run lengths up to 40 ft. and 12mm up to 65 ft. without needing transition pieces. Wax is also applied to plank locking joints, offering up to 72 hours of direct topical moisture protection! 

In addition to affordability and moisture resistance, Homecrest Oasis is incredibly durable and boasts serious scratch resistance due to an AC3 rated wear layer made of melamine. This wear layer works in conjunction with the visual film layer to enhance a realistic wood appearance. High definition digital printing helps mimic authentic wood looks, but the wear layer is also embossed in register which means it has surface textures that perfectly align with the characteristics of wood grain and knots. With a wide array of board variations to choose from between the 12mm and 8mm lines, we are confident that Homecrest Oasis can fit into almost any interior design scheme while offering performance that can handle active lifestyles.

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